My Blog Has Moved –

My blog has moved to a new domain –  Any future updates will be posted to  I am still in the transition phase, but you will find all of the same content and more.  I finally made the plunge for ease and clarity as my new domain name is simply my name.  I hope you continue to follow me along this journey and that you are encouraged by the content you find at

This is My Story of Acquaintance Rape and my journey toward Hope & Healing.  I was raped the first month of my first year of College.  I was eighteen.  My rapist was not a stranger.  He was a coworker, a classmate in the same tiny college at my university.  I hope sharing My Story is an encouragement to other survivors.  You are not alone and you too can find Hope & Healing.  This is My Story of God’s relentless and overwhelming love.